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A professional DJ (weddings and such), and a lifelong music fanatic. And sometimes a tad too opinionated for my own good! Can and will talk music til dawn and welcome all opinions (within reason of course). Keep on rockin'!


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FLCL: Fooly Cooly, Vol. 1 [Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Steve Blum
Okay...I'm new at anime. I have only been attempting to watch it for about a year now, so my knowledge on the subject is limited at best; "Cowboy Bebop" and "Spirited Away" and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim shows being pretty much it for me. So I can't speak with any real authority here.
So I followed a friend's advice and watched "FLCL". I think this was some sort of cruel joke; my friend must have really wanted to hurt my brain. He succeeded.
"FLCL", or "Furi Kuri" or "Fooly Cooly", has to be the most jarring, weirdest, loudest, freakiest, unsettling, confusing, strangest, most twisted piece of eye-crossing, retna-burning, sense-assulting film, let alone anime, that I have ever… Read more
Bridge Over Troubled Water ~ Simon & Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water ~ Simon & Garfunkel
5.0 out of 5 stars A Brilliant Swan Song, June 9 2003
The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel will always be tied to the 60's, being that both groups broke up in the opening year of the next decade. But whereas the Beatles went out with a bit of a whimper ("Let It Be"), S&G went out with a big bang. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is arguably Simon & Garfunkel's finest hour; a brilliantly written and performed collection of songs immacualtely produced.
Although there is no concept here, the album contain a bit of a tension as the personality conflicts seep into the songs ("So Long Frank Lloyd Wright" - a farewell to an architect, and Garfunkel once being an architect student - and "The Only Living Boy… Read more
Bookends (Expanded) ~ Simon and Garfunkel
Bookends (Expanded) ~ Simon and Garfunkel
5.0 out of 5 stars S&G's Magumn Opus, June 9 2003
You know an album is good when one of the worst songs on it is the band's biggest single.
"Bookends" is Simon & Garfunkel, and 60's folk-rock, at their absolute best. While other bands were exploring complicted concepts and rock operas, S&G created a side-long song cycle about the simplest of ideas; growing up and growing old.
The album opens with a soft acoustic guitar line of the "Bookends Theme" which explodes into the psychedelic blast of "Save the Life of My Child", then fades into the glorious land and soul-searching ode "America". "Overs" deals with the subject of relationships reaching a stalemate, and "Old… Read more