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"Soulsista 1"
Location: Rosedale, NY United States
Birthday: Aug. 12
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In My Own Words:
African American Authors (fiction and non fiction)are my personal favorites although from a career/business perspective, I enjoy reading motivational books on developing leadership skills. Spirituality has become more and more of interest to me as well.

I love aromatherapy, spas and green tea. I also believe in giving back to the community; especially our youth.


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Keep On Moving  Best Of ~ Angelique Kidjo
Keep On Moving Best Of ~ Angelique Kidjo
Toni Morrison uses the phrase "New World African Woman" in describing the rich diaspora of those of us w/African roots across the globe. I think that term is so fitting of Angelique Kidgo and her music. Believe it or not, I learned of Ms. Kidjo through reading a novel but my love of this CD is all real.
Her rendition of Summertime is like no other you've heard before. My other favorites are Open Your Eyes featuring Kelly Price and Naima featuring Carlos Santana. Although most of the CD is in French or her native African tongue, you'll be singing along with each track in no time! Regardless of the language, one can still feel the message in her music. I patiently await Ms… Read more