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I'm a Houston-based litblogger, fiction writer and reviewer. I regularly review ebook titles of literary fiction. That means short stories, experimental fiction, literature in translation, genre-bending stuff, artsy erotica, erudite stuff. If you'd like to contact me about reviewing your ebook title, please do. I particularly am interested in titles by indies & self-published people, I don't part… Read more

Favorite books include: Chromos by Felipe Alfau, Baudelaire's Paris Spleen, Ishiguro's Remains of the Day, August Monterroso. Grimm's Fairy Tales, anything by RK Narayan, Roll Jordon Roll by Eugene Genovese, stories by Lydia Davis, Shirer's Rise and … Read more


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Tattered Cloak by Nina Berberova
Tattered Cloak by Nina Berberova
Ok, this is one of the shallowest book comments I've ever read. However, I noticed that amazon had no comments about this book, an unforgivable thing. I read this work in the early nineties and was enchanted by the characters and the romance and the emotional resonances (not to mention the writing). Ten years have passed, and I totally forgot about the book and the author. Totally forgot! Just randomly a week ago the name popped into my mind, and I went to amazon, and there is the book (which I have reordered). Apparently Berberova has written quite a bit (not really surprising), and to tell the truth I remember next to nothing about what the stories in the book are about (except it had… Read more
The Mammoth Book of Erotica by Maxim Jakubowski
The Mammoth Book of Erotica by Maxim Jakubowski
I was shocked to read the other lukewarm reviews of this book. I bought this book about 10 years ago and found the stories compelling, entrancing (not to mention erotic). The book covers the darker side of eroticism--death, SM, but there's a lot of softer stuff. The real reason to buy the book is Marco Vassi's 80 page novella "Carcass of Dreams" (which I would argue is one of the best series of erotic stories ever written). The stories are more Bataille or Jean de Berg than Kundera, a lot of dark brooding nonsense. Another gem is Robert Silverberg's "Two at Once" one of the most delightful stories I'd read. Surprisingly, the Anne Rice story is one of the weakest of the… Read more
Special Edition Using StarOffice 6.0 by Michael Koch
A first-class user guide on has been written, and that book is Michael Koch's Special Edition Using StarOffice 6.0. This book, actually a second edition, covers the new version and gives fuller treatment to StarOffice writer and the HTML editor. Despite the use of "StarOffice" in the title, this book actually covers both StarOffice and in depth.
An an aside, let me compliment Que editions for the legibility and usability of layout. (Que also produced the excellent Ed Bott's Special Edition Using Microsoft Office XP). Nice readable texts, lots of boxes, tips and cautions. Every chapter finishes with a helpful troubleshooting… Read more