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The Man Who Cried (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Christina Ricci
The Man Who Cried (Widescreen) DVD ~ Christina Ricci
I almost did not buy this movie after reading the reviews by
critics. I got it after much ordering and canceling, and I
tell you, its the best $... I ever spent. This movie is the
best acted, best story-line, best all around movie I have seen in years. If you are an action, blood & gore person forget it. If you love a wonderful movie, with great scenery, this is your
movie. Christina Ricci, Suzie, is amazing in this role. She
can show more emotion with a simple look, than most actors ever
show. As a young Russian Jewish girl, beautifully played by
young Claudia Lander-Duke, she is forced to flee Russia, and trying to get to America, where her father… Read more
Speed (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Keanu Reeves
Speed (Widescreen) DVD ~ Keanu Reeves
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW WHAT A RUSH!, Oct. 1 2001
Speed takes off at the beginning credits, and you are off for the ride of your life. Non stop action galore, and plenty of
twist and turns in the road to keep you speeding to the very
riviting climax. Keanu Reeves plays LAPD officer Jack Traven
to the hilt, a devil may care kind of guy, who feels invinsible as long as he has his partner, played by Jeff Daniels, Harry
Temple by his side. He rolls along through life at super speed,
until he crosses a bitter, and bomb savey, ex-policeman Howard
Payne, played very chillingly evil by Dennis Hopper. Payne's
game of cat and mouse on a LA Bus, leads Jack to the realization
that he is not invinsible, and just… Read more
Quigley Down Under <b>VHS</b> ~ Tom Selleck
Quigley Down Under VHS ~ Tom Selleck
5.0 out of 5 stars Quigley Down Under, Aug. 27 2000
Quigley Down Under is absolutely the most exciting, beautiful, and breathtaking Western I have ever seen. John Wayne would have stood up and cheered for Mr. Sellecks portrayal of Mathew Quigley. From the beginning of the movie, Mr. Selleck brings Quigley across of a man of strenght, with a heart as big as his Sharp rifle. Alan Rickman, as Ellot Marston, is, as always, the man you love to hate. Laura San Giacomo, as Crazy Cora, makes your heart go out to her thoughout the movie, and makes you understand just why Quigley's heart was hers for the taking. This movie has it all, from the beautiful scenery, to the exciting shootouts, you'll find yourself laughing, crying, and most of all… Read more