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hey if you were curious im in the army getting shot at in Iraq. Hurray!


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The 13th Warrior (Bilingual) <b>DVD</b> ~ Antonio Banderas
The 13th Warrior (Bilingual) DVD ~ Antonio Banderas
I saw this movie maybe 8 times on the TV and once in the movies theatre. I really loved the bad ass Viking characters. They were big, tough, and smart. One thing that appealed to me is that they wore armor from different places around the world (rome, spain, germany,etc), and even under danger they were always laughing. BUt just like the book (eaters of the dead) the characters werent explored. ya heres Ewogoth, kills a bunch of guys, then dies. There is little depth to the characters or the nordic ways. Both of those are what i want. And yet for some reason i really like this movie.