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I'm an old otaku who loves Sci-Fi, Animation, Anime, History & Science. My reviews pretty much mirror that. I hope you will find them useful. I will never rate a dvd/BD as 5 stars just because I like it unless I feel the majority of viewers would also rate it so. You may disagree with some of my ratings, but never doubt that it's as unbiased and fair a rating as possible. That's my goal!



Top Reviewer Ranking: 36 - Total Helpful Votes: 242 of 263
Shattered Angels: The Complete Collection (S.A.V.E&hellip
At first Shattered Angels starts off as your typical sci-fi space opera. A young girl by the name of Kuu comes to the City of Academia. A City that consists of hundreds of Schools each devoted to a single discipline. And there soon discovers that mysterious girls called Ultimate Angels can manifest strange powers against each other while at the same time they all appear intent on capturing her! In other words, a typical sci-fi action series.

However as the relationships and interactions develop, it soon becomes clear that this is really a romantic tearjerker with all the angst, betrayals and surprises that you would expect in a romantic series. Just with some super mech type… Read more
Daddy, I'm a Zombie/ Papa, Je suis une Zombie (Bil&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Kim Wharton
Daddy I'm a Zombie is a typical kid's movie revolving around Dixie, a 13 year old girl who doesn't quite fit in. Her parents have split up and she lives with her Dad who's an undertaker. She's ostracized by her schoolmates and even her best and only friend is starting to avoid her. So one night she runs into the forest and gets hit by a falling tree and wakes up as one of the living dead. i.e.- a zombie.

In tone and animation, the movie is very similar to movies like Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" just on a lower budget. So the animation is simpler, backgrounds less developed, action scenes are not as complex and there are fewer overall… Read more
Cybersix Complete TV Series [Import]
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Cybersix is an interesting animated series that while animated by TMS in Japan back in '99 was actually based on an Argentine comic first published in '92 for an Italian comics magazine. It was then dubbed and broadcast on Teletoon in Canada, Kids Station in Japan, Telefi in Argentina and a horribly cut and edited version on Fox Kids in the U.S.A. So it has quite an international pedigree.

What intrigued me about the show when I first saw it on Teletoon was that I couldn't really place it. The action was typical anime in style and looks but the location always had an old European style feel to it. You know, cobblestone streets, narrow Italian style buildings, etc. It was… Read more

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