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I'm an old otaku who loves Sci-Fi, Animation, Anime, History & Science. My reviews pretty much mirror that. I hope you will find them useful. I will never rate a dvd/BD as 5 stars just because I like it unless I feel the majority of viewers would also rate it so. You may disagree with some of my ratings, but never doubt that it's as unbiased and fair a rating as possible. That's my goal!



Top Reviewer Ranking: 37 - Total Helpful Votes: 233 of 255
Big Windup: Complete Season One (S.A.V.E.) <b>DVD</b> ~ Greg Ayres
I was tempted to start this review off by calling Big Windup yet another typical sports anime but then realized that in actual fact it is not! That is because most sports anime either tend to over dramatize the sport where the trials and tribulations off of the field (Princess Nine) are just as important as on the field; or they have to overcome ridiculous evil schemes and opponents (Dan Doh) that simply wouldn't happen in a real game or it's simply a very, very funny comedy (Bamboo Blade) that happens to involve a sport.

None of this really applies to Big Windup which with one exception is really, really about the game and the players, nothing more. Except at the beginning… Read more
Rozen Maiden Comp Collection
Sweet and funny, yet also powerful and sad!

Rozen Maiden is another series from the old Geneon stable. In two parts totalling 24 episodes; it originally came out in 2007 under the title "Rozen Maiden" followed a year later by the second part called "Rozen Maiden Traumend". These two series along with a follow-up 2 episode OVA have been license rescued and re-issued here in a complete collection. So what's it all about? In a nutshell, living dolls!

The first part basically revolves around a hermit like young man who has been so badly traumatized that he stays shut up in his room instead of going to school. Then one day a box arrives that contains the most beautiful… Read more
Serial Experiments Lain: Complete Series (Anime Cl&hellip
Serial Experiments Lain is yet another classic from the old Pioneer/Geneon stable that has been license rescued and re-issued by Funimation. First in a premium BD/DVD Combo Box set back in 2012 and now once again in one of their more economy oriented "Anime Classics" collections in a simpler single case, multiple disc collection. The two Blurays and the two DVD's remain the same.

Though Lain is from the same artist who created Haibane Renmei: The Complete Series (Anime Classics) (also rescued by Funimation); the two series could not be any further apart. Where Haibane is full of wonder and light, Lain is dark and creepy… Read more

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