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Branded to Kill <b>DVD</b> ~ Jô Shishido
Branded to Kill DVD ~ Jô Shishido
4.0 out of 5 stars NON STOP ACTION, Sept. 13 2003
Here it is: BRANDED TO KILL is director, Seijun Suzuki's best movie. Japanese film lovers will tell you that Seijun is one of Japan's greatest filmmakers. Therefore this film should not be overlooked. If you like action, then prepare yourself for a real treat. You will not regret owning this film.
Forget that this film is Japanese, has subtitles, and was released in 1967. This film is a classic masterpiece. Heck, even the director got fired after its release. The film is fast paced and beautifully shot. The musical score is so smooth and keep in mind, we're talking no special effects. There is a scene where a man is literally on fire for over 20 seconds.
All in all, the story is… Read more