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The Doctors: Thirty Years of Time Travel and Beyon&hellip
Other reviews have tended to emphasize the lack of production value this piece offers--and on that point I can hardly argue. I could improve "The Doctors" a hundred-fold with an hour on an old iMac. Still, all the editing in the world isn't going to help some fairly basic flaws with the source material: microphones are obviously in frame for many of the interviews, there's been no attempt to color balance shots, and there's really no narrative thread stringing the interviews together. To call this a "documentary" would make Ken Burns embarrassed of his craft.
But, to me, all that's hardly the point.
THE DOCTORS works because it answers a question I've had for two… Read more
The Complete Superman Collection (Widescreen) (4 D&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Christopher Reeve
This collection is an uneven offering, meant only for the SUPERMAN completist. While it is common knowledge that the films themselves are of varying quality, you might wrongly assume that the mediocre sequels might at least be redeemed in this collection by tons of extra features.
They are not.
Indeed, SUPERMAN II-IV are little more than VHS transfers to DVD. It's bad enough that SUPERMAN III and IV offended the sensibilities of even the most casual SUPERMAN fan when they were released theatrically. Here, Warner Brothers only deepens the insult. It's not just that there are no extra features on II-IV; it's that the transfer itself is of a much inferior quality on the three… Read more
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - Xbox by Bethesda
2.0 out of 5 stars Buggy, even on Xbox, July 12 2002
In a previous review of this product, I railed against what I thought was a bit of a lie on the part of the manufacturer. Hailed throughout the industry as a model of open-ended play, MORROWIND, I thought, had a surprisingly linear ending. That being a fairly important issue, I decided to devote a whole review to it. But there's more to Bethesda's new baby.
Or, rather, there's more to warn you about.
If you like quests, you'll love the core game play itself. But soon enough, I think, you'll find many of these quests so much busywork. Worse, some of them paint inconsistent pictures of the characters you meet: one minute they behave as benefactors, the next they're basically… Read more