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Favorite Rap Cd's:Life Story(Black Rob), , 400 Degrees (Juvinile), Things Fall Apart (Roots), It Was Written (Nas), Adrenaline Rush (Twista), Lights Out (Lil' Wayne)

Favorite MC:Nas, Black Rob, Beanie Sigel
Black Thought

Favorite R&B Cd's:Hot Coko(Coko),Lucy Pearl, Musiq (I Just Wanna Sing)

Favorite Rap song:Take It in Blood(Nas)

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Genesis ~ Busta Rhymes
Genesis ~ Busta Rhymes
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid as usual, June 15 2002
Say what u want about busta, but he is always consitent. he beats are always hot. He is also talented. No he's not a great lyracist, but he has more styles than anyone in the business and that more than makes up for whatever shortcoming people may fell he has.
This CD is actually better than his ELE. Songs 1-5 are all bangers and beg to be played in large trucks with systems. we got this w/ mary j is also a highlight as is the title track, and busta and jay dee continue what they started on anarchy and make hot music.
As with any bust album their is some filler, btu busta has enough talent to pull it off. However with these beats, it would be hard not too!