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Movies are good for one of two reasons: either they are works of art, or they are works of trash. In between the two lies a chasm of mediocrity, namely, any movie with Mel Gibson. Personally, I watch only four-star movies and no-star movies. My fantasy evening would be a double feature of 'Rock & Roll Wrestling Women Vs. the Aztec Mummy' followed by 'Children of Paradise.' Add some herbal tea… Read more


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8.5 <b>DVD</b> ~ Marcello Mastroianni
8.5 DVD ~ Marcello Mastroianni
This is my first experience with Fellini. In my college days, I often heard the expression, "You don't have to be Fellini to figure that one out," and am only now coming to realize what that meant. Fellini is fearless in exploring the most difficult questions, like one's sexual honesty, the ability of anyone to "tell the whole truth" to the public when one is less than honest with onesself, and what level of certainty one must have in order to instruct others. If these questions seem a bit obtuse -- they are. Yet, I defy anyone to show these most primal of subjects addressed in American films. At least Fellini addresses them with a sense of humor, without losing his emotional or… Read more