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Haunting, the <b>VHS</b> ~ Julie Harris
Haunting, the VHS ~ Julie Harris
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Satisfying Scare!!!, Jan. 10 2003
I still sleep with my hands under the covers! (Watch this classic and you'll see why.)This is a marvelous movie that still affects viewers 40 years later. Without overblown digital renderings, bloody offings, or visualized goons, this film manages to produce quickened pulses and goose bumps on just about everyone I show it to. The "house" itself is much more satisfying than the one in the remake. The interior sets are convincing and atmospheric, and the real exterior (shot at Ettingpark, England) is perfect. Julie Harris' best role. I hope to see it on DVD soon, along with that other perfect "ghost" story "The Innocents".