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Just a guy living in Pasadena, who happens to like acting, writing, art, poetry, philosophy, religion, hiking, swimming, 'Pinky and the Brain', garlic, stray cats, Monty Python (spam), anything having to do with spatulas, freaking out people who take themselves too seriously, and the odd poppy seed muffin. If you have read this far, I commend you. We can never have too much of nothing. ;)


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Impro for Storytellers (Theatre Arts (Routledge Pa&hellip by Keith Johnstone
This book, in contrast with his last one, is much more linear and down-to-earth, but every bit as powerful. He dives straight into 'how-to' mode, decribing his own version of improv theater. This might be a little tedious for those not interested in licencing a "Theatersports" venue in their own town, but hang in there. He quickly gets to the meat of simply creating good improv, what behaviours and actions get you there, and how to sustain it. This is a book 100% designed to assist the improviser, both the individual, as well as the 'group'. He even goes so far as to provide shortcut lists in the appendix for use in performance! Keith Johnstone is a visonary, and I'm… Read more