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I live in Bombay.. I like in no particular order.. comics, Bird watching, calligraphy, taking long walks, women, good food and wine, movies especially silent films.. the list goes on.. Comics interest me the most especially stuff apart from the superhero genre.. I've got a crazy collection of comics and am always looking for something crazycoolweirdexcitingdishy to add to my collection..


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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Widescreen &hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Elijah Wood
I have seen all three films in theatre and own the Fellowship on the 4 DVD special edition... To make a film on this scale is an achievment .. more than 7 years spent and the results show.. unfortunately i disagree with those who call it a masterpiece.. It is boring.. plain and simple.. as an aspiring screenwriter i find that any film which relies so much on CGI and believes filmgoers come solely to see fantasy/action sequences and not hear a story is taking us for granted.. the book has a superb sructure. will not discuss it here.. but it slowly builds up and takes you on the journey with the characters.. every character from Aragorn to merry and pippin are shaped so well by Tolkien.. The… Read more