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Sullivan's Travels [Import]
I, like many others of my generation I suspect, first came to know of writer/director Preston Sturges' "Sullivan's Travels" via its association with the Coen Brothers' "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" The latter movie took its name from a film-within-the-film from the former. John L. Sullivan, a director of successful lowbrow comedies, unhappy with his lofty lot in life, itches to make a socially conscious drama about poverty called... wait for it... "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" When it's pointed out that Sullivan, borne from the lap of luxury, could not possibly know the first thing about being poor, he decides to raid the movie studio's costume department for a hobo's outfit, and ride the… Read more
Jennifer 8 <b>VHS</b> ~ Andy Garcia
Jennifer 8 VHS ~ Andy Garcia
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Writer/Director Bruce Robinson, best known for his cult hit "Withnail & I", has crafted a creditable little thriller in "Jennifer 8". It gets all the technical elements right, features some fine work from its actors, and does its best to screw around with the genre. But it rarely adds up to anything more than the sum of its parts.
One of the strengths of Robinson's script is the stylish and effective dialogue he gives to his police officers. Most of the best bits come from the mouth of Sergeant Ross, like when he tells his wife he can't stay for dinner because it's "Friday night at City Hall... I've got a chance to frighten the fat." He's talking about securing a confession from a… Read more
Donnie Darko <b>VHS</b> ~ Jake Gyllenhaal
Donnie Darko VHS ~ Jake Gyllenhaal
I've watched "Donnie Darko" three times now in the last five days, and still can't say definitively if I like it. I appreciate the heck out it, am impressed by the imagination and creativity of the filmmakers, and admire the fact that what they put on screen belies their $4 million budget. Most of all, I enjoy the heightened sense of awareness I get every time it finishes. It's a feeling that lets me know, without question, that I've been affected by what I just saw. But when I think about the film rationally, as opposed to emotionally, it crumbles under the weight of its own conceit.
Set in October of 1988, the story follows young Donnie Darko, a seemingly unbalanced teenager who… Read more

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