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I'm an avid reader, mostly mysteries and thrillers. Since I had nothing really better to do many years ago, I got a Master's degree in English Lit. Although it has not done me much good in real life, it has laid a foundation for recognizing good writing. And that is what I look for most in what I read--moreso than plot or setting. Good tight writing.
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Ashes of Aries by Martha C. Lawrence
Ashes of Aries by Martha C. Lawrence
3.0 out of 5 stars Not Her Best, April 6 2002
I completely enjoyed this series so far but, although this one is very readable, it never got off the ground for me. I would have preferred more about the kidnapping and much less about the fires. Kind of a lazy effort, I thought, particularly the ending which had me shaking my head in disappointment. Hope the next one is better.