F. P. Barbieri

"Fabio Paolo Barbieri"
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Birthday: July 24
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Born: 1962. In: Italy. Historian. Also cartoonist. Author of a couple of books and of any amount of points of view. Irritable. Politics: conservative, liberal AND socialist.


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Witness to Integrity: The Crisis of the Immaculate&hellip by Anita Marie Caspary
Power corrupts, and power to do wrong corrupts absolutely. This book is the testimony of an arrogant, misguided, ignorant (God save us from ignoramuses who get their ignorance out of books), self-righteous, vain woman whose vanity is such that she refuses to acknowledge, so much as in a footnote, that her whole adventure into sex and disbelief began with the ideological labours of a few mainpulative, power-drunk, pseudo-intellectual MEN - males, power-tripping patriarchy members, penile power maniacs, whatever you want to call them: psychologist Carl Rogers and his accomplices, none of whom had a vagina. This opening lie corrupts everything else that she says and does. A valuable insight… Read more
Dinotopia (Full Screen) <b>DVD</b> ~ David Thewlis
Dinotopia (Full Screen) DVD ~ David Thewlis
2.0 out of 5 stars so much wasted beauty, Dec 14 2003
This story was produced with every possible visual refinement, and looks splendid. It bombed. So it was re-shot with other actors. Idiots. The problem was not with the actors, who went from competent to extremely good, and all looked great (even Hollywood cannot improve, for female pulchritude, on Alice Krige and Katie Carr - who is so beautiful that she makes you wish to hug and kiss her just for being there); it was with the totally cretinous story, in which a ridiculously facile Communist utopia shades off into eco-new-age PC: "we don't approve of violence in Dinotopia" - gimme a break! What is more, the story is astonishingly old-fashioned - it reads like a rip-off of… Read more
Hollywood Vs. America by Michael Medved
Hollywood Vs. America by Michael Medved
The scene that opens this book could not be more significant of the self-created gulf between Southern California's inbred colony of pseudo-artists and the majority of their fellow-citizens, which is Medved's subject. Having gone out of their way to outrage any and every Christian sensitivity with an artsy but artistically vile product called THE LAST TEMPTATION OF JESUS, the clever people in Hollywood worked themselves into a frenzy of terror when they saw the members of the religion they had insulted actually turn up on their streets, in an orderly and perfectly peaceful demonstration. Victimized by their own self-created images of Christians as vicious bloodthirsty persecutors, they… Read more