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The Cure ~ Cure
The Cure ~ Cure
1.0 out of 5 stars Killing an Arab, June 30 2004
I should have known by the cover art. I was shocked by this release. Simply shocked at how bad it was. But then I remembered that after the disaster that was Wild Mood Swings, it was sadly obvious that the alternative lords, The Cure, possessed the ability to record a truly weak album. So the disappointment with this latest release wasn't as painful as it was at first. Tragically, even the uninspired slop that was Bloodflowers had more to offer than this. Put simply, "The Cure" is terrible. A mangled, psychedelic mess of dissonance, there is nothing here to engage the spirit or depress the soul. This is a denudated, sterile and, dare I say, boring album. Rawness and intensity are… Read more
The Descent by Jeff Long
The Descent by Jeff Long
2.0 out of 5 stars To Hell and back, June 15 2004
The Descent. This could have been a classic. Judging by the premise, that is. It seems Hell is real. And it's filled with demonic minions. All beneath your feet. For underneath the surface of the planet, far underneath the surface, lay a vast network of tunnels inhabited by a mysterious, and ancient, race. So old, in fact, that they pre-date any known human civilization. And it seems that they are the root of man's concept of an underworld repository of condemned souls. In other words, Hell. For these beings, known as Hadals, are horned and utterly sadistic. They thrive on torture. Or do they? Big Business and Government are determined to find out. What they discover is not so much a lost… Read more
Last Samurai (Full Screen) (2 Discs) <b>DVD</b> ~ DVD
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Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is a Guilty White Man. The kind of Guilty White Man that Hollywood loves to kick. His crime? He served under the Evil White Man, General Custer to kill Indians. Peace loving, defenseless Indians. Capt. Algren has to stay drunk or the memories of the slaughter will dominate his every thought. But the killing's don't stop there. Capt. Algren get's another opportunity to flex those murderous skills all White Men are supposed to have. At least in this film. What opportunity? He get's to kill Japanese! But only for big bucks, of course; after all, Capt. Algren isn't just a GWM, he's a Guilty White Man Capitalist! (Boo! Hiss!). After being hired by Westernized… Read more