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Fourty something book freak, work two jobs, both from home. Perpetually torture my husband with books and eyeware left all over our house. Gave up complete control of the remote and have rediscovered my true love of reading everything I can can (this of course even includes labels when there is nothing sufficient to read in the bathroom). Considering addition to house to accomodate increasing p… Read more


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I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Red&hellip by Allison Pearson
This is a very well written book that as a borderline middle age women I can wholly relate to every experience the main character go through, for every working mother or step mother this is life. Allison Pearson brings to life the everyday mundane and not so mundane rat race of child care, overworking hour's guilt, extended family issues, financial worries, discrimination and sexual frustration that every working mom deals with day in and day out.

Allison Pearson has covered all bases here, Kate, like so many career oriented women are spread so thin across the board that I defy any woman to read this and not relate to at least five issues Kate deals with. It brought some humor… Read more