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Radio Bikini <b>DVD</b> ~ Kilon Bauno
Radio Bikini DVD ~ Kilon Bauno
5.0 out of 5 stars Radio(active) Bikini, July 18 2004
"I'm making a film. If you want to learn history, read a book." - - Robert Stone
Robert Stone's Academy Award-nominated documentary, Radio Bikini, teaches history by presenting the story of the 1946 atomic bomb tests in the Marshall Islands using US government film. With hundreds of cameras recording the blasts in the Bikini Atoll, Operation Crossroads must have been the most extensively recorded event in history up to that time.
The story of smiling sailors before the test (putting animals in cages to test anti-radiation substances, drinking 3-2 beer, playing volleyball) alternates with the reminiscences of a sailor who suffered horrendous effects after returning to… Read more
White Zombie <b>DVD</b> ~ Bela Lugosi
White Zombie DVD ~ Bela Lugosi
So warns the Christian missionary to Haiti who helps a young banker save his bride from voodoo-induced thralldom to a plantation owner who has kidnapped her.
In White Zombie the sins were brought to Haiti by European colonizers.
White Zombie (1932) is Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) transposed from an industrial society to the third world. The Haitian zombies slaving in Legendre's sugar mill are waiting for a Che Guevara, not a Lenin.
In Metropolis a worker in the underground factory below the city continually moves the hands on a giant round clock, a task that doesn't seem to have any purpose.
In White Zombie the undead go round and round in a circle, turning a mill to… Read more
Bubba Ho-Tep <b>DVD</b> ~ Bruce Campbell
Bubba Ho-Tep DVD ~ Bruce Campbell
Who could resist? Bubba Ho-tep, a mummy in snakeskin cowboy boots and Stevie Ray Vaughan hat. Elvis alive and living (dying) in a Texas nursing home. An old man in a wheelchair who claims (1) he's JFK, (2) the CIA turned him black, and (3) Lyndon Johnson is still trying to kill him.
"But President Johnson is dead," Elvis tells him.
"That won't stop Johnson." Anyone over fifty will recognize the truth in that statement. The murderer's Thunder Rolls on in history.
Bubba Ho-tep is about getting old and almost coming to terms with it.
Icons that baby boomers grew up with pervade the movie. Besides people who think they are (or may be) Elvis and Jack… Read more