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I am a computer science instructor at a private university in Louisville, KY. I am from Rome, GA. My education is Music, Education, Computers and Management. I play piano, compete in tennis, build stained glass projects, and write code in C, C++, and Java. I also love Georgian and early southern architecture.


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Karel++: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Objec&hellip by Joseph Bergin
This book reminds me of the older LOGO programming language. You have a small "robot" that explores his world. You tell him how to move and what to do. The only reason this is good is that it helps you think of object oriented programming. (The robot is considered an object). There are also special editions of the book in case you want to specifically move to C++ or Java later. Basically, the book is a good start. If you have any programming experience - skip it. Otherwise, it will get you in the rate frame of mind to move toward OOP.