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A long time ago, when the ancient movie writers were petty and cruel, they plagued mankind with Battlefield Earth and other similar bad movies. Only one critic dared challenge their power. (cue theme song) Together with his sidekick Guy With Blond Stereotypical 60's Surfer Hair he wandered around a lot making fun of Van Damme, the 80's, and everything else that got in his way.
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Blair Witch Project [Import] <b>VHS</b> ~ Heather Donahue
Blair Witch Project [Import] VHS ~ Heather Donahue
According to this movie, there is no fear like fear of the unknown. This is true in real life, but not in movies. If you don't remotely know what is happening in a movie, you don't experience ultimate fear -- you get BORED.
That's the problem with this movie - nothing happens in it. Nothing at all. It starts out with some "interviews" with local people about the Blair Witch. We learn that the Blair Witch used to be the Burkittsville Witch. This is ALL we learn in this approximately three hour period. Then Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, and Josh Leonard decide to wander around aimlessly in the forest, and immedietly get lost. They lose their map, swear a lot, and discover… Read more