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No such thing as good or bad music! It comes down to what you like or don't like. Never conform. Remember the best record collection in the world is yours because it what you love to hear! Not what some media outlet tells you what you should like. The only opinion That counts is yours.

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Wrecking Ball (Re-Issue) [2 CD + DVD] ~ Emmylou Harris
This was a love at first listen for me. This CD has a beautiful ambience to it. I have read a few reveiws where people feel her voice is to low in the mix. Under normal circumstances I would agree but the mix on this release is haunting. It also has some of the all time break up songs. Her version of Steve Earl's "Goodbye" could make Charles Manson cry.
The second disc in this type of sets are usually throw aways but not in this case. The second disc is worth the extra money. But the clincher is the DVD. It a contains a 48min documentary about the album.
If you sometimes like your music mellow this is for you!
Jericho ~ Band
Jericho ~ Band
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent come back!, March 31 2014
This has three members of the Band on it. Garth, Levon and Rick are all here and it's a great come back. I picked this up on Halloween the year it came out so I put it on in the background has I handed out Candy fearful that the next song I would hear would ruin my memories of The Band. I had no justification for mt fears this record is great. Without Robbie's song writing they used songs by the like of Dylan and Springsteen to name just a couple. Their Versions of Blind Willie McTell and Atlantic City are easily as good as the originals. Actually all three Band reunion records are worth picking up. The sadest thing is there will never be any more but this was one of the greats to go out… Read more
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Super Deluxe 4CD+DVD+Bo&hellip ~ Elton John
This an excellent box set. The remastered Good bye Yellow Brick Road is stunning. The documentary is cool. It was filmed at the time and besides interveiws there are some great live clips. The covers and demo disc is good for a listen but will probably (in my case) never get played again. But the double live CD is Awsome. Great set list, good sound and the band is on fire for this show.
Over all great box set. Where $70 is a little Picey it is a good deal for what you get. Oh there is also a hard covered book with Pic's and Liner Notes. Again, very glad I bought this however a 5.1 mix would have been nice. I have the sacd version and it sounds great but it would sound better on Blu… Read more