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Ronin Warr.Ova Vol.1 <b>DVD</b> ~ Paul Dobson
Ronin Warr.Ova Vol.1 DVD ~ Paul Dobson
5.0 out of 5 stars A long-time Ronin Fan!, June 3 2003
This is an EXCELLENT DVD! I loved the ideas! I can't wait for the second one!
This is the story of how Sage has gone missing when he went to New York. The fact that he doesn't show up for Ryo's 16th birthday party worries the other four. When they go to New York, Kento and Rowen go head to head against Sage's armor! But the odd thing is, Sage isn't in it!. They meet a girl named Runa, and together, the six have to find Sage and rescue him without falling victim to the same thing!
The Legend of the Inferno armor is the best. (I love both of them, but this one is just amazing)The five armors are pulling the five Ronins to battle. The Ronins face off against the warroir Mukala. He is… Read more