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All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki
All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved It!!, June 18 2004
I have fallen in love with, it seems, an unusual author. I found Ruth Ozeki's first novel, "My Year of Meats," when I was working at a little independent book store in Northern California. I read it on whim, and just absolutely fell in love with Ozeki's way of story-telling, her technique of uniquely blending Japanese and American cultures with agro-industry.
A few years later, and I have just finished Ruth Ozeki's "All Over Creation". Once again, I was startled at how poetically she wove together a truly human story with a profound analysis of our carnivorous consumerist culture, and the side effects of this for farmers, children, etc. The profundity of her first… Read more