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Pandemonium by Andrew Nikiforuk
Pandemonium by Andrew Nikiforuk
5.0 out of 5 stars Free Trade To Pandemics, April 22 2007
This is an excellent book. The writing is pacey and the material is riveting.

The basic premise is very seriously that as global trade increases exponentially, so too does the risk of global pandemic. It may be just one of your common or garden diseases that get us - like cholera - imported into coastal economies by visiting ships pumping out the ballast they have carried half way round the world. It may be caused because some mad scientist that is working in one of a dozen countries unleashes anthrax. The chapter on Anthrax gets into some depth about the horrendous experiments done by Dr Ishii, a Japanese military doctor. And how at the end of WWII he traded his secret files for… Read more