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You know how there was always one kid in school who was the center of attention? They were popular, funny, witty, cool - everyone adored them and they could do no wrong at all. This was the kid that grew up to be an astronaut or a brain surgeon, make billions of dollars, and sleep over at the Playboy Mansion every other weekend.

Well, that wasn't me; I was in the library, reading a book. If you w… Read more


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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn by Nintendo
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn by Nintendo
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4.0 out of 5 stars All that glitters., Feb. 26 2011
Golden Sun is a turn-based RPG game focusing around a group of eight adepts who specialize in controlling the four alchemical elements. You have two adepts for each element, and through their unique abilities you can do everything from freezing puddles to shooting fireballs. The quest you're on seems simple, but very quickly gets sidetracked and eventually you find yourself setting out to (what else?) save the world. Like the two previous installments, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a really tight RPG, and what sets it apart from other role-playing games is the amount of class customization you can do. While your characters will naturally grow stronger as they level up, what really makes the… Read more
Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit by Microsoft
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5.0 out of 5 stars Filling in the blanks, Jan. 13 2009
This product's information is really lacking, so I'll fill you in on my experiences with it. I own two of these Quick Charge Kits and have four Battery Packs, one for each of my controllers. The Quick Charge Kit comes with one battery pack, not two as shown in the picture. It can recharge two battery packs simultaneously. For this reason I highly recommend buying a second Xbox 360 Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack with the Quick Charge Kit because you will never need to buy batteries for your 360 controller again; when the Battery Pack dies in the controller you're using, simply swap it with the second Battery Pack in the Quick… Read more
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law - PlayStation 2 by Capcom USA
4.0 out of 5 stars HA HA! ... easy., Feb. 15 2008
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is based off of the cartoon series on Adult Swim by the same name. It is available for the PS2, PSP and the Wii (though for some reason amazon does not currently offer the latter) and all the games are relatively cheap - the Wii version running you about ten dollars more than either of the other two.

This game is short. I mean, really short. It took me less than two hours. There's a total of five ridiculously easy cases on the game, with five ridiculously easy things to unlock (usually these are achieved by selecting an appropriately absurd response to questions asked of you during the case). This game is one for the fans and nothing more, if… Read more

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