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Romantic Hawaii ~ Voyager
Romantic Hawaii ~ Voyager
1.0 out of 5 stars Ack., Aug. 8 2003
I am a haole (caucasian from the mainland) who loves ticky tacky-type luau music (the kind performed for tourists), as well as exotica (the music that wafted from my parents' vinyl albums when I was a baby in the 60's). But honestly, this album falls short of both of those categories.
It is truly awful. It sounds like Lawrence Welk's sickly rendition of "Polynesian" music. Just listen to the first sample, and you'll detect the distinct sound of an old guy waving a baton at his orchestra. Yeesh.
There are many, many great CD's out there to help provide the perfect ambiance and background for your next luau or cocktail party. This one, however, ain't it. Keep… Read more