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Spanish with Michel Thomas by Michel Thomas
Spanish with Michel Thomas by Michel Thomas
3.0 out of 5 stars decent, Dec 27 2003
There's been a lot of talk in the reviews about the male in the recordings. Frankly I didn't find him that very annoying. He doesn't pronounce some of the accents (like 'r' for example) as well as the girl. And, he does seem a tad slower than the girl too. But that's the way the recording is supposed to be - two novices slugging it out on the material with no prior orchestration. It didn't distract me. In fact I could identify with the learning process happening.
Au Contraire - when I first started the recording I found the salivary voice of Michel Thomas more bothersome. Eventually though I got used to ignoring it.
The learning material itself seems educatedly organized - not a… Read more