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Harold & Maude <b>VHS</b> ~ Ruth Gordon
Harold & Maude VHS ~ Ruth Gordon
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1.0 out of 5 stars Sheep!, Aug. 18 1999
Everyone does love this movie- and I don't know why. And I mean *LOVES* this movie. It isn't that great, it's highly overrated. The best stuff is the different "suicides" that Harold comes up with, after that it's just this eccentric old lady doing crazy, wacky things.
And that's why people love it, the wacky grandma. Man, that's always an easy way to get laughs or whatever, it's like throwing a little red-headed girl into a sitcom that's lost its edge. The wacky Maude appeals to the lowest common denominator within this "cult" genre. She's a tool to manipulate your viewing, it's not good filmmaking or good storytelling. It's really not that good, rent it,… Read more