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Top Reviewer Ranking: 99 - Total Helpful Votes: 328 of 430
War and Gold: A Five-Hundred-Year History of Empir&hellip by Kwasi Kwarteng
This book examines the swings back and forth, between hard money and paper money. The dominate theme; is a government`s inability to fund a war, which forces the ruling class into compromising the value of their money. In almost all wars, governments raise taxes, increase debt, and devalue their currency. Sometimes this leads to bankruptcy. On other occasions, the country recovers and returns to sound financial measures.

Kwarteng starts off with the Spanish Empire. The Spanish brought back loads of silver and gold from South America. They used the precious metals to fund their European war programs. This eventually lead to their ruin. Most of the book deals with the 20th… Read more
Moneyball by Michael Lewis
Moneyball by Michael Lewis
5.0 out of 5 stars The Business Of Baseball, June 26 2014
Lewis is a great story teller, and this book is no exception. Lewis lays out the tale, of how a cash poor team succeeded against much richer teams. The Oakland A`s general manager Billy Beane, develops a unique approach to selecting baseball players. Traditionally baseball scouts, used a strong sense of instinct to select players. If the scout likes look of the player, they tended to favour the prospect. Billy Beane dismisses baseball tradition, and sets out on his own agenda.

Lewis details all of Beane`s methods of player evaluation. In particular, Beane is impressed with a players on base percentage. He feels getting players on base, is the key to generating runs and winning… Read more
Why We Bite the Invisible Hand: The Psychology of &hellip by Peter Foster
Foster sets out to explain, why so many people believe capitalism is an evil system. Despite the fact, that the free market system produces so much wealth and abundance, many people profess to be against capitalism. Foster digs into the mindset of hunter gathers for the answer. He believes our evolutionary psychology, hard wires people into an anti-capitalistic attitude. Hunter gathers shared resources amongst the tribe and this helped them to survive. Adam Smith advocated the idea; that people pursuing their own self interest, inadvertently provided society with many benefits. This unintentional result of wealth and abundance, became known as the invisible hand. Foster believes many… Read more

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Do the Work by Steven Pressfield