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Dirk Pitt leads such an exciting life. I'm so enthralled with his stories that I'm beginning to look for some thrill-seeking activities to do myself. I am currently a volunteer with the Lakehead Search and Rescue Team here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I am also a spotter with the Northwestern Ontario Air Search and Rescue Association. It's exciting flying in a Cessna!!! This spring I plan on taki… Read more


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Dragon by Clive Cussler
Dragon by Clive Cussler
I am an avid Cussler fan and have read most of his books. "Dragon" is one of his best. It ranks a close second to "Cyclops". "Dragon" is a very thought-provoking novel in that it makes me wonder just how far off Cussler's baseline story reflects today's world. His use of robots made for the sole purpose of driving Japanese cars with hidden nuclear bombs to predetermined world locations is disturbing. Who knows how far an intelligent, industrialized nation could go if such a nation fell into the hands of the wrong power-hungry leaders? My only objection came at the end of the story. Without giving anything away, I found it hard to believe how Dirk… Read more