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The Perfect Lie by Dinah Mccall
The Perfect Lie by Dinah Mccall
This is my first Dinah McCall book. I had left it on my TBR pile after discovering my usual book review site gave it a 'D' rating. I am so glad I picked it up anyway. I found it very entertaining and did not agree with any of the criticisms except those of Macie, the heroine. I not only fully agree she was put there just for 'girlfriend' material, I find it hard to accept any hero finding her alluring! Macie is sweet and caring, a paragon of virtue almost, but she is so ignorant and clueless I ended up clueless myself about why McCall even wrote her into the story. Fortunately, Macie is not one of those TSTL heroines because she doesn't get in the way and she does whatever the hero tells… Read more