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Hi! I am a student from sunny South Carolina. I love nothing more that a good book, and am an Elizabethan fanatic. There can be no limits to my praise of a truely good peice of liturature, but I have absolutly no qualms about giving a bad book a brutal review. I love spending time with my 4 cats.I would simply LOVE to hear from you, so drop me a line via e-mail. I will write you back. I hope that … Read more


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Queen's Ransom: A Mystery at Queen Elizabeth I's C&hellip by Fiona Buckley
Fiona Buckley's third Ursula Blanchard/de la Roche mystery was a facinating read. The plot was complex, realistic, imaginative,smart, and VERY well-written. I found Ursula to be both a femanist and one overtaken by femanine emotions, a devious antogonist and angelic protagonist, a sage soul in desperate need of guidance. There were parts of this book in which I was laughing. At other parts, I felt like crying. I have perchased this book and urge any lover of a good historical mystery to do so also. The setting is vibrant and well-reasearched, the characters are well-written, the plot is realistic to a facinating degree, and the overall book is a true page-turner. Five stars isn't nearly… Read more