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I'm an attorney who needs to decompress from the all-too-often intense workday with a good book or movie. I majored in history, so my reading list gravitates towards history and historical fiction, but I try to expand my horizons.

A film crit class in college has also given me an appreciation for movies that I wish I'd developed earlier. While I enjoy a guilty-pleasure flick as much as the ne… Read more


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The Dante Club: A Novel by Matthew Pearl
The Dante Club: A Novel by Matthew Pearl
"The Dante Club" offers the reader an opportunity to visit Boston in 1865 in addition to an entertaining murder mystery.
Matthew Pearl's first novel has a wonderful premise. Real-life historical figures Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (poet), James Russell Lowell (poet), Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes (amateur poet), and J.T. Fields (publisher) form the Dante Club, whose goal is to help Longfellow publish the first American translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. Not only is Harvard College trying to halt the publication of this "trashy, foreign tripe," but a murderer is laying low some of Boston's elite in horrifying fashion . . . and the Dante Club realizes that the murders… Read more
Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) <b>DVD</b> ~ Billy Crystal
"Monster's, Inc." combines a fantastic cast, cutting edge imagination, and a tender storyline into a wonderful, delightful family film . . . it may even cure the nighttime frights of your wee ones!
Most of us were scared stiff at some point in our childhood by the spooky, imaginary "monsters in the closet," usually after we've read "Where the Wild Things Are" for the first time. "Monsters, Inc." plays on that near-universal fear by creating a rational explanation -- monsters live in a parallel universe, connected to ours by closet doors, and they power their land by the energy contained in human screams. Makes perfect sense!
Sulley (the… Read more
Singin  in the Rain <b>VHS</b> ~ Gene Kelly
Singin in the Rain VHS ~ Gene Kelly
"Singin' in the Rain" is the definitive Hollywood musical, and charms and delights our 21st century audiences despite the (very few) characteristics of the genre that don't hold up quite so well.
There are so many high points to this movie -- the amazing cast, the songs, the choreography, and, most surprisingly, the satirical send-up of Hollywood and the "star system."
The plot is well-known. Silent film star couple, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly, who also co-directed with Stanley Donen) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) are America's sweethearts. At a Hollywood premiere of their latest romance, breathless fans ignore sidekick Cosmo Brown (Donald O'Connor, in perhaps… Read more