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On The Reliability Of The Old Testament by Kitchen  K. A." "Kitchen  K. A."
On The Reliability Of The Old Testament by Kitchen K. A." "Kitchen K. A."
The well respected English scholar--Kenneth Kitchen--has penned another masterpiece in this book on the inherent reliability of the Old Testament. This study is characterised by his renowned attention to detail and well supported arguments which caters primarily to the scholar/academician rather than the average lay book reader.

Kitchen demonstrates that the Biblical Joseph could only have been sold into slavery for 20 shekels in Mesopotamia--as the Bible states--in the 18th or 17th Century BC when the price of slaves averaged this price. (pp.344-345) Hence, his career as Pharaoh's chief Vizier can only be dated to this time--deep within Egypt's Second Intermediate Period during… Read more
The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt, 1100-650BC by Kenneth A. Kitchen
After reading K.A. Kitchen's 1986 2nd edition book on the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt(TIPE), I can attest to its excellent scholarship and clear prose. Dr. Kitchen was the first scholar to prove that a period of coregency existed between Pseusennes I and Amenenope in 1972. He also convincingly demonstrated that Karnak Quay Text No.13 equated Year 28 of Osorkon III with Year 5 of his son Takelot III, rather than Year 28 of Osorkon II to Year 5 of Takelot II, as scholars previously assumed. Kitchen's work is the standard treatment for this complex era. The author supports many of his arguments with an excellent use of various intricate genealogical, textual and chronological… Read more
The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt by Ian Shaw
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This is an first rate book on the General History of Ancient Egypt from Pre-Historic times until the end of the Roman Empire. The 13 various contributors--Betsy Bryan, Gae Callendar Janine Bourriau, Jaromir Malik, Ian Shaw among other--give an excellent overview of Egypt's colourful and long History. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is a good update on Alan Gardiner's 1963 Egypt of the Pharaohs and Nicolas Grimal's more recent 1988 book, A History of Ancient Egypt. While you might slightly diagree with a contributors take on certain topics such as Ms. Callenders complete rejection of the institution of coregencies in the Middle Kingdom which are accepted by most scholars(they are… Read more