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Top Reviewer Ranking: 239 - Total Helpful Votes: 36 of 43
How to Date Dead Guys (Under the Blood Moon Book 1&hellip by Ann M. Noser
Read this one expecting something light-hearted and *goofy*, more in the vein of Janet Evanovich than Jim Butcher. Once I got past my notions of what urban fantasy should be (more serious, more sarcastic than slapstick), I had a lot more fun reading this book.

Emma starts off as a very shy, naive, innocent, *very conservative* young woman and then she makes a series of odd and impulsive decisions that set her off down this crazy path. One thing I really appreciated was that Emma definitely grows across the story, developing some confidence and a backbone.

The supporting cast features a lot of characters that I think could superficially be described by 'types' - the… Read more
The Suffragette Scandal (The Brothers Sinister Boo&hellip by Courtney Milan
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this couple!, July 22 2014
I'm a fan of Courtney Milan's Brothers Sinister series, and I thought this book is a great addition. I loved the pairing of Free and Edward. She's bold and confident and determined and focused and so full of hope and purpose. Edward is a great contrast - beaten down, confident but in his own degeneracy, cynical. The way they banter and the way they come together and dance apart and so on really kept me engaged with the story.

The business around Free's newspaper felt a little familiar to me (really, how many ways are there for a not-brilliant villain to harass a newspaper?), but this ended up being only a part of the troubles that Free and Edward faced and that really impressed… Read more
Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys: Hell's Outlaws: A Lov&hellip by Tina Leonard
2.0 out of 5 stars Just didn't get it, July 21 2014
I didn't understand the appeal of this one, unfortunately.

I found the hero to be far too sexist for my tastes. His behaviour might have been tempered by seeing things from his perspective - but this was not the case. Instead, this made it worse! I also found the manipulation practiced by the town mayor to be completely off-putting - she had women uproot themselves and move to Hell to form a team of riders, but her true purpose was to matchmake. Quite frankly, I wanted her to be disappointed and receive some kind of comeuppance.

Overall, this book felt a little dated in terms of attitudes - it felt a little 1990s romance to me, really. If you liked the heavyhanded… Read more

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