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Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Ou&hellip by Nicholas Wade
An excellent, if not the most elegant, multi-disciplinary presentation on human evolution. It might not be a be-all end-all in understanding human evolution, no single book could accomplish that, but it comes close given what we know...

That being said, one huge caveat to emphasize: THIS WAS PUBLISHED IN 2006/07... For example, in one section the author pretty much rejects that Neanderthals and Modern Humans ever interbred, citing the prevailing proof of the time from a 1997 study and then taking some literary freedom to discount that hypothesis... However, with more data analysis capabilities, that same 1997 research team proved that there was indeed admixture between both and… Read more
Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the &hellip by Amory Lovins
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This book lays-out a roadmap for increasing energy efficiency in every sector, be it for mobility, households, and industry. It presents a compelling case to get us almost completely off fossil fuels by 2050 and all for profit. The economic costs of not doing-so far outweight the benefits of doing so (several trillions in opportunity cost in the US alone over the next 40 years). Most importantly, the case and methods for increasing energy efficiency made in this book are not ideological (i.e., substituting one's favourite technology for non-profit reasons). Rather, they are for purely economic reasons.

Therefore, whether one believes in climate change or not doesn't matter. The… Read more
The Final Frontier ~ Iron Maiden
The Final Frontier ~ Iron Maiden
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I've been a fan for some 25+ years now, own every album and have seen them 8 times in concert. I have to admit I was one of those nostalgic fans who had lost touch with Maiden during the 1990's when Dickinson and Smith were gone. I then only really started listening to them again around the time their second "reunion album" Dance of Death was released and have since enjoyed their three 2000s albums... Ok enough about me, just stating where I'm coming from...

Now about Final Frontier... I must admit that during the first listen I was feeling like saying "what the hell is this?"... and sarcastically thinking "Oh great and this is their last album, you've gotta to be… Read more

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