Roger D. Kiser Sr.

Roger Dean Kiser
Location: Brunswick, Georgia United States
Anniversary: March 22
Birthday: Nov. 20
In My Own Words:
Roger Kiser is a 63 year old male, who was raised in a orphanage in
Jacksonville, Florida. A
orphanage where children learned quickly that survival was more
important than the latest abusive act.

His early life with other orphans was plagued with years of hardships, beatings, abuse, and
physical pain as well as emotional torture which was the norm for these children, often lead to a
life of … Read more

Camping, fishing, writing and (most of all)spending time with grandchildren.


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Children and Hope: A History of the Children's Hom&hellip by Lawrence Mahoney
The real truth about the Children's Home Society is described in my book "Orphan, A true story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption." The horrors that took place at CHSFL destroyed the lives of hundreds of innocent little children. No one should praise the works of any organization who destroyed so many lives.