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How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thi&hellip by Jordan Ellenberg
In this tome, which has over 430 pages of main text, the author discusses mathematical thought processes which are often applied in everyday life. It would be a lengthy exercise to list all of the topics that are touched upon here, but the overall theme is the use of mathematical ways of thinking in order to understand various observations in the world around us. The book includes several useful figures and tables but very few formulas, the emphasis being on the thought process rather than the blind application of formulas to observed phenomena.

I found the authors writing style to be very lively, friendly, authoritative, often witty and quite captivating. The text is also… Read more
Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science by Br&hellip by Michael Brooks
In this most engaging book, the author recounts various stories about scientists in various fields who simply did not follow what we would expect to be normal protocol in science. Often as a result of these deviations, remarkable discoveries have been made resulting in several Nobel Prizes being awarded. The author calls this anarchy of science. Many fields of science are discussed; however, I found that the life sciences, e.g., biology, medicine, etc. seem to feature a more frequently in this book than the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry.

Over the years I became aware of some of these stories through reading other books. I must say that, as a scientist, I was… Read more
The Third Horseman: Climate Change and the Great F&hellip by William Rosen
Although this books title and subtitle suggest that the main theme is the Great Famine that was precipitated by climate change, there is much more history here than one might expect. The books main foci are as follows: period - the early fourteenth century; location - England, with significant attention paid to Scotland and France and some to Northern Europe; individuals - mainly the life and reign of Englands Edward II; and main events  war and politics.

Much of the book covers the Scottish war of independence from England along with its colorful personalities: William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Edward I and II and various others. Also, space is devoted to the wars between… Read more