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The Summons by John Grisham
The Summons by John Grisham
Ok here's the deal,out of the above mentioned three books by Grisham which of them qualifies as the worst among the worst?Well the honour's would be shared by both 'The Brethren' and 'The Summons',and 'The Testament' follows a close second.This is Grisham at his worst best.At least Brethren was a fast read though the plot(was there any in the first place!) was silly and stretched to 400 odd pages,in the case of Summons the plot itself is so sleep inducing (worse than Brethren) that you would have serious doubts whether this was written by Grisham who had given us 'The Pelican Brief'&'The Firm'.And to add to the readers woes the plot moves at a snail's pace with the predictable twists… Read more