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New Glucose Revolution: The Glycemic Index Solutio&hellip by Jennie Brand-Miller
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This is an excellent book for learning how to eat in such a way that you naturally move towards your optimal weight, and do so without hunger if you're overweight and need to lose.
A few of the previous reviewers apparently skimmed through the book and/or missed many of the qualifying details provided in the book about foods. Potatoes indeed have a high GI value: the bigger and older the potato the higher the value. So those small young red potatoes have a lower GI value than those big white Idahos most of us eat. Also, the authors stress that the goal of this approach is not to condemn all "high GI" foods and avoid them like the plague; the goal is to learn how to balance… Read more
Illustrated Elements of Alexander Technique by Glynn MacDonald
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This is the best overall introduction to the Alexander Technique that I've come across--and I've read my fair share of AT books. While it's a bit wordy, in part that can be explained by the fact that it was originally written in England. I personally find most books written in England are much wordier than books written in the United States, and they tend to have a peculiarly bland quality about them that sometimes can make them difficult to read. This book has some of those features, but if I were you and wanting to learn about the Alexander Technique, I wouldn't let the writing get in the way of my education. And there is enough informational meat in this book that it is worth overlooking… Read more
Death by Deception: Unmasking Heart Failure by Dick Quinn
I completely concur with clangley's review of this book. Death by Deception is the followup book to Dick Quinn's earlier book Left for Dead. In this book, Dick's daughter explains how congestive heart failure is most frequently there waiting for the person who survives a heart attack. She elaborates how cayenne saved her father's life, but how her father relied on it too exclusively to keep him alive and subsequently didn't make the lifestyle changes necessary for him to avoid eventual heart failure. She then goes into excellent detail describing how heart failure develops and what exactly it is. She describes all of the conventional treatments for heart failure and elaborates on the… Read more