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I've always been a fan of rock&roll that has at least some sign of life to it. My tastes can range from the Monkees to Metallica, from Supertramp to Slayer. I've attend over 950 concerts in my life so far. I have a rule, that I'll usually see ANY performer at least one time just to say that I have. I used to spent much time going through just about every cut-out rack for cassette and CD's in many … Read more

Music (obviously), concerts of various genres - heavy metal, some progressive, arena / classic rock, krautrock, space rock, New Wave, stoner rock and some punk. I also like TV, bargain-hunting, staying out late - with friend(s).


Top Reviewer Ranking: 2,666 - Total Helpful Votes: 98 of 111
Shot Down in the Night-Live UK 1979 (Vinyl) ~ Hawkwind
Okay, I'm a bit thrown off here. Sound quality of this tough-to-find 2-vinyl lp live Hawkwind title is - actually very good. But I'm wondering if this is same - ? gig that showed upon the Voiceprint release of the 'Collector Series, Volume 1 - Complete '79' that showed up like fourteen years ago.Regardless, this two-vinyl set should definitely appeal to all (if not, most) long time / loyal Hawkfans. Always great to hear the title track "Shot Down In The Night", one of my personal HW favorites "Urban Guerilla" (although maybe it shouldn't be performed too often without Bob Calvert), "Silver Machine" as well as several Tim Blake's works of pure musical genius - Lighthouse", "New Jerusalem"… Read more
Moon Phase Compendium ~ Melodic Energy Commission
Moon Phase Compendium ~ Melodic Energy Commission
What initially drew me to this CD, was - of course the fact that former Hawkwind synthesizer whiz (1971-74) Del Dettmar plays on this CD reissue of MEC's two albums - 'Stranger In Mystery' ('79) and it's worthy follow-up 'Migration Of The Snails' ('80). But, Dettmar apparently plays on only five tracks. Still 'Moon Phase Compendium' is still good to own. Best described as underground experimental / psychedelic. Best tracks include "Rider From Nempnett Thrubwell", the mind-blowing "Silver Spider", their 1st lp's title cut "Stranger In Mystery", the well-played "No Familiar Planets Tonight" and the 2nd efforts title song "Migration Of The Snails". This is musician Don Xaliman's band as he… Read more
Witch Burning ~ Salem Mass
Witch Burning ~ Salem Mass
Originally released in 1971, this was the obscure 'heavy progressive' band's sole record. Tunes that, I personally got the most out of were the ten-minute opening title cut "Witch Burning", the jamming "You Can't Ruin My Life", "Bare Tree" and truly rocking "Drifter". Line-up: Mike Sneed - guitar & vocals, Matt Wilson - bass & vocals, Jim Klahr - keyboards and Steve Towery - drums & vocals. In all honesty, not a bad piece of work - quite good actually I thought. I saw somewhere noted on a blog that 'Witch Burning' is more like a pedestrian progressive wanna be. I don't agree with that at all. Recommended for fans of Uriah Heep, early Atomic Rooster, Epitaph and the Crazy World Of Arthur… Read more