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Kokigami: Performance Enhancing Adornments for the&hellip by Burton Silver
Costumes. For your phallic appendage. These are puppets specifically designed for the male's eleventh digit. The colors in this book are quite vibrant. I think the authors are serious (though the pictures on their web site show them grinning quite deviously). A search of the web for the term "kokigami" indeed turns up over 700 hits (many duplicates). The whole idea of kokigami is just weird. It underscores that cultures can have radical differences.
I once read a book: Kokigami,
full of puppets to dress a salami,
of interest, sure,
if you have thoughts impure,
to lasciviously cavort on tatami.
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and&hellip by Al Franken
5.0 out of 5 stars Ditto, Sept. 8 2003
Uneven, hilarious, spot on. I finished reading LIES AND THE LYING LIARS in one day. No. I lied. I took three days. My 12 year old son is the litmus test of this book's accessibility, and I kept having to tear it away from him. "Dad, do people know how much these guys are lying?" I did have to admonish my son that unlike Franken, he could NOT challenge people who call him a sissy to a fist fight.
Minor complaint: the chapter on chickenhawks in Viet Nam could have been left out (also could have been left out of Franken's deft dissection of Rush Limbaugh).
Special kudos: The "Supply Side Jesus" cartoon was astonishingly tasteless and absolutely hilarious.
God whispered to me… Read more
Disappearing Cryptography: Information Hiding: Ste&hellip by Peter Wayner
All in all just a fascinating book on a fascinating topic. In general, the introductory parts of each chapter are accessible to anyone with a standard 12 year education. The mathematics are best understood by people with a background in algebra and statistics at the American High School level, but not much more. If you buy this book, expect John Ashcroft to put your name on a list of people buying dangerous published works (and with the Patriot Act in place, I am neither paranoid nor joking). The best chapter is the one about encoding information in ordered lists. This book taught me how to include a one line hidden message in a 50 item list of my favorite Country and Western Songs of all… Read more