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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to read some of these reviews. Writing them is something of a passion for me, having been deeply involved in music, theatre and the visual arts for my entire life.

I wrote reviews and articles for 6 years for Toronto magazine "Eye for the Future" and so I have a bit of experience with the medium.

But it's my abiding passion for the subjects I review that … Read more



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High Life ~ Eno/Hyde
High Life ~ Eno/Hyde
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Coming quite quickly on the heels of their "Someday World" collaboration, just released this past May, "High Life" is Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's second instalment of their wonderful collaboration. But be rest assured, this is not more of the same. It is not "Someday World" part 2. Where that release saw the pair focusing on more traditional songwriting structures, "High Life" does a complete about face and explores much longer, more expericmental instrumental grooves .. to astonishing effect. Even the cover art, I suspect, makes a point to being markedly different from "Someday World". Whereas "Someday" featured dark, richly coloured manipulated Karl Hyde photographs, "High Life" is… Read more
Forgetting the Girl <b>DVD</b> ~ Christopher Denham
Forgetting the Girl DVD ~ Christopher Denham
This is a very interesting film. While at first glance it might seem to be a bit "light" in it's treatment of some pretty heavy psychological damage and the coping methods used to endure that, it nevertheless creeps its way into your mind and has you squirming uncomfortably more and more as it progresses. Part of that success is Director Nate Taylor's skilled direction but the lion's share of this powerful, little film's effectiveness is in Christopher Denham's brilliant portrayal of Kevin Wolfe, photographer.

"Forgetting the Girl" is his. A weaker, less appropriate actor would've made this quirky little film sink like a stone. The story is good, very good, the film is peopled… Read more
Under the Skin (Sous la peau) (Bilingual) <b>DVD</b> ~ Scarlett Johansson
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Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin", starring Scarlett Johansson is one of the most compelling and gripping movies I have ever seen. Right from the eerie, incomprehensible opening visuals you are placed off-quard and at the disadvantage of not knowing what's going on. The tension is IMMEDIATE, palpable and doesn't let up until the credits roll at the end of what's turning out to be, for me, the best movie of 2014. And as far as Scarlett Johansson goes, she's gained my complete respect for her restrained and totally convincing portrait of a creature that only resembles a human being but who is, actually, something quite else. It's a difficult task for a lot of actors to play it down… Read more

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