Sheila Murray

Location: Southern California, USA
In My Own Words:
Author two cookbooks, 'Another Damn Cookbook' and 'What's Sauce for the Goose.' I'm currently finishing my first novel, 'Hi. My Name is Tom,' and am shopping for an agent or a publisher. 'Tom' is a story of a girl/woman's life from age 21 to 50, fiction but lifelike. At age 70, I've written this novel to share some life experiences with others.


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Not Just Beans by Tawra Jean Kellam
Not Just Beans by Tawra Jean Kellam
Tawra has taken a lot of time to put down in her book frugal ways to cook, make silly putty and fruit leathers, etc. A must have book for a family on a budget but the recipes are great - so you don't need to be poor to enjoy this book.
Reviewed by Sheila Farrell Murray, author of ANOTHER DAMN COOKBOOK and WHAT'S SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE.