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Is it only me, or does it seem like people give a star to the reviews that they agree with, not that they think is helpful.

I’ve noticed that some of my shortest reviews receive the most helpful votes. That is: my shortest & most superficial reviews that are clearly one-sided. If I say “Buy this book – it is so awesome” then people tend to vote for it as being helpful. If I try to provide a… Read more


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Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss
I learned about this book after seeing Neil Strauss on a documentary about alien invasion. This is a terrific book. Don't read this book expecting to get a bulleted list of how to survive an emergency. It's not a reference book, it's a story about what Neil Strauss learned in his own journey into being a prepped or survivalist. And it is a terrific story. Strauss is very thorough. He covers everything you need to consider to prepare for survival; from surviving in the bush; surviving in urban chaos; learning how to survive in these environments, and so forth. He covers everything you need to know and many things that are extra.

You will need to read the whole book to get the… Read more
Factory X Hand Forged Katana by Factory X
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This is a great sword for the price. I have purchased numerous swords online and was very pleased when I found this one here on amazon. The quality is great for such an inexpensive sword. It is great for "playing around" and will come in very handy during the zombie apocalypse.
Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle by Cold Steel
This is a high quality "tomahawk." I've actually purchased four because it's so handy and well-made. I keep one in my hunting kit; one in my vehicle; one with my tools; and one handy in the unlikely event I need to defend myself. The handle is made of good quality wood and the head is a solid piece of carbon steel. I have several tomahawks made by different companies (such as SOG and United Cutlery) and this is by far the best quality. The only tomahawk I've ever seen that was as good quality was one my late father made, who was a welder-fabricator. This type of craftsmanship is hard to find, particularly at such a reasonable price.