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Just like Alice was filled with a burning curiosity, that led her to follow the tardy hare down the rabbit, curiosity can lead one to greater and greating realisation, understandings, connections, and breakthroughs.

If you feel a sense of strong desire, and a sense of determination, and you are prepared to follow through and achieve that purpose, what can stop you… Read more

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Lovelace (Bilingual) <b>DVD</b> ~ Amanda Seyfried
Lovelace (Bilingual) DVD ~ Amanda Seyfried
Years ago I watched an interview with the person better known as Linda Lovelace who starred in a porn movie named Deep Throat 1972 for which she became very famous.

The name Deep Throat would take on a new life in 1974 when journalists Woodward and Bernstein used it as a name for their informant in the 1974 Watergate scandal, as described in their book All the President's Men, which in turn led to an Academy Award winning movie.

In the interview Linda Boreman claimed that she was an unwilling participant in the movie, and that she was beaten and abused by her husband who forced her at gunpoint to perform all the acts in the movie. When I leafed through her bestselling… Read more
Blue Jasmine (Bilingual) - DVD + UltraViolet <b>DVD</b> ~ Bobby Cannavale
I bought a ticket to this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it, and almost immediately as it began I knew I was watching a Woody Allen movie.

I cannot say exactly why this is so. Perhaps it was the richness of the character study, and the fact that Allen writes so excellently for female characters. In any event, Cate Blanchett's character, and her brilliant performance of this down on her luck former socialite married to a conman husband played by Alec Baldwin, may be the best female character performance you will see on a movie screen this year, and Blanchett's performance is probably the most Oscar worthy I have seen so far.

Set in San Francisco in the present… Read more
Shakespeare beyond Doubt: Evidence, Argument, Cont&hellip by Paul Edmondson
2.0 out of 5 stars Flying reindeer ahead, April 3 2014
If an ability to examine evidence objectively is a prerequisite for dealing with the authorship of Shakespeare and whether Shakespeare was an author or a name used by someone else, then you could not look for a less qualified group of people to write on the subject.

All the people involved in writing this book are only capable of thinking from a single perspective, and incapable of processing or even comprehending why people are skeptical about the idea that Shakespeare was an author, do not know what a fact is, and display child-like reasoning on the subject. It's like asking seven year old children to write a book Santa Beyond Doubt.

Most of us accepted what our… Read more