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My Life on the Plains: Or, Personal Experiences wi&hellip by George Armstrong Custer
After reading a lot of books (more than 50) about the Little Big Horn Campaign/Battle and the career and life of George Armstrong Custer (including his briliant record in the ACW)... I finally got hold of one copy of his book "My Life in the Plains" (Captain Benteen used to call it derogatorily "My Lie in the Plains"... but he was'nt pro-Custer was he?...)
Well, the truth (as usual) probably is there somewhere in between..
The prose is quite enterteining/good, and the military procedures of the US Cavalry policing the Plains is probably the best part of the tale/account...
Even if HIS part on every chapter is full of "PRIMA DONA" spirit, tell me… Read more
Crofton's Fire by Keith Coplin
Crofton's Fire by Keith Coplin
Let me explain!
The novel is very good, and has the potential of a good film script... but mainly is very well written, with good atmosphere and even bearable "slang"...
But, and it's an important BUT for me!, I think the novel would'nt have suffered a bit for a little more historical acuracy... all records says the body of G.A.Custer had TWO bullet wounds (ONLY TWO!) one in the front (breast) one in the temple..., I do not mind a bit if the author embraces the thesis of mass suicide (I do not believe it happened that way (mass suicide I mean!) but probably some of the troopers and officers at the LBH kept the last bullet for themselves...); but I nearly stoped reading after such… Read more
Shiloh: A Novel by Shelby Foote
Shiloh: A Novel by Shelby Foote
A tour de force in schema and aproach, (later "The Killer Angels" will use the same brilliantly and bettered the embrio...), anyway I enjoyed the reading of it a lot and was much more reminded of "The Red Badge of Courage" that any other work...
Not perfect as a novel (somehow too short and inconnex)... but still a poignant account of a very much oveshadowed battle from the (fictional) point of view and feelings of the participants.
RECOMMENDED for all ACW buffs. (If a bit romantic try also "UNTO THIS HOUR" you wont be dissapointed...).