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Tweekend (W/1 Hidden Track) ~ Crystal Method
Tweekend (W/1 Hidden Track) ~ Crystal Method
5.0 out of 5 stars Grew on me, Aug. 24 2004
I must admit, after picking up this CD I felt dissapointed after Vegas. PHD and Name of the Game were the only two songs to really jump out at me. Since rediscovering this album, I've found that it's a great piece of work, which really should never be compared to Vegas, as both carry a fundamentally different sound. Tracks such as PHD, Roll It Up, The Winner, Ready For Action, Blowout, and Tough Guy (Best song BY FAR) are highlights on this recording with only one significant downfall: Track 4, Murder.
Definitely good as an electronica album, or for fans of altered states.