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Friday the 13th, Part 5: A New Beginning <b>DVD</b> ~ Melanie Kinnaman
2.0 out of 5 stars No Jason? No problem., July 19 2004
This is routinely cited as one of, if not the, worst film in the Friday series, and that's saying something.
First off, you won't be watching this flick by accident. Either you're a fan of the series, or not really. It's no secret that the films follow the same formula. It's a real statement about the 80s and about Hollywood in general that the ultra-cynical filmmakers would churn out the same product every year, to diminishing returns, until they ran it into the ground (witness the appalling Part VIII, Jason Takes Manhattan). Strangely enough, the last two installments of this indefatigable series were two of the best: Jason X, and Freddy vs Jason. You have to wreck the series to… Read more
Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global D&hellip by Noam Chomsky
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You don't have to agree with everything Chomsky writes to find value in his work and his arguments. Before you accept any label that's been pinned on him, give his work a chance. His biggest crime just might be paying attention to facts, and questioning the praise we pour on ourselves, and actually caring about things like morality, and hypocrisy, and people.
Chomsky is the antithesis of the kind of intellectual and pundit that corporate media prefers, and he directs much criticism toward this 'establishment'; indeed, he has compared intellectuals and elite opinion-makers to the commisars of Soviet Russia.
This book is a sort of summation of material he has covered extensively… Read more
Death Wish 2 - O.S.T. ~ Jimmy Page
Death Wish 2 - O.S.T. ~ Jimmy Page
I still don't know what to make of this score. On some level, it's awful. It's badly dated, it's annoying. On another level, it's perfect. Perhaps Michael Winner knew what he was doing when he chose Page to score Death Wish II and III. The brutal cynicism of the films, the exploitation streak, it was perfect ground for Page to pen some evil, menacing tracks. Bluesy, then synth-heavy, it's perhaps one of the better elements of what is easily the worst film of the series, a real accomplishment.
Oddly, Page's score to III has never been available, at least on CD. This is nowhere as good as the Herbock disc for the original Death Wish, which is a lot different than the music in the… Read more